Welcome to St Thomas’s

the Parish Church of Salisbury City Centre

Our building, dedicated to Thomas Becket, dates to the late 1400s and is a fine example of perpendicular Gothic. Among many features, you will find:

The Doom Painting, above the chancel arch, revealed and repainted by Victorian restorers, who thus preserved the original image.

Understanding a Doom Painting

At the final judgement the dead are raised from their graves by angels and Jesus, the just judge, divides the ‘sheep’ from the ‘goats’. Those who cared for others are to inherit the kingdom; see them at the top entering the heavenly Jerusalem. Those who did not, go down into eternal fire; see them at the right-hand side in the jaws of hell.

The three-faced image of the Holy Trinity, over the second window to its right, three in one and one in three. This image was revealed during works in 2019;

Angels on the roof beams, dozens of them, messengers of the good news carved over five centuries ago;

15th century wall paintings in the Lady Chapel;

The Samuel Green organ, originally presented to the cathedral by King George III in 1792.

Stay a while and sit quietly or pray. As you leave, please consider making a donation in the box near the west door.

May God go with you.

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